Digitize human performance to empower better outcomes in sports, health, and life.


As Olympians, professional athletes, and coaches, we understand the work it takes to win the championship or get to the podium. Having seen first-hand the difference access to great coaching can make, we want to make that competitive advantage available to every athlete, everywhere. That's why we are bringing you unrivaled technology and training to get you and your team ready for your biggest rivalries.


Bridge Athletic builds high-performance training tools for coaches and athletes who compete at the highest levels. The integrated BridgeAthletic platform leverages the power of technology to revolutionize the way coaches create, deliver, and track athlete progress. With customized training programs delivered directly to their smart phone or tablet, athletes train smarter, power through plateaus, and perform better come game time.

BRIDGE + EXOS Partnership

We combined BridgeAthletic’s training tools and easy-to-use platform with EXOS’ proven methodology to help trainers, coaches, physical therapists, and athletes achieve better outcomes.